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About Us

Slow fashion, asap.

The days of searching high and low to build your little black book of sustainable, ethically produced, minimal-waste clothing brands are coming to a close. While the race to create more slow-fashion brands seems to be at an actual crawl, or at least require some serious Sherlock skills, at Garb & Go, every single one of our partnered brands is completely transparent about their processes. All of which, btw, are held to incredibly high moral and eco-friendly standards.

While more and more companies are joining the humane and earth-first revolution, it still feels impossible to weed out the allure of fast-fashion conglomerates. Slow fashion shouldn't be so esoteric or luxuriously limiting. Even when a company does tout a respect for sustainable practices, where do you draw the line between buzz-worthy white noise and true doctrine?

Our mission at Garb & Go is to close the gap of understanding and lift the veil of information. No fluff. No frills. (Unless it's in season and up to our status quo.) We are a one-stop-shop for all clothes righteously created. Skip the arduous research- just click and buy with earth-conscious confidence. Every brand has a story, and we're here to make it all crystal clear, because you should be rewarded by your efforts to shop mindfully, not frustrated.

A Note From Christine

When I first learned about the volume of resources plundered by the fashion industry, it felt like a punch in the gut. How could something that brings me so much joy be one of the number one contributors to the actual end of the world? I wanted to know how I could start making changes that impact my own footprint in the fashion world and stat, but I found it was not as simple as a Google search. It’s difficult to find resources and learn about sustainable fashion– specifically which brands adhere to this moral compass. I had to seriously dig to unearth this information, when it seems like something that should be shouted from the mountaintops! If you’re not stressed about this, you should be. This huge gap between blind consumerism and thoughtful shopping spawned the opportunity to assemble a one-stop shop of brands that share this same urgency. Cue Garb & Go, where we can peruse, click, and buy with confidence. Load off my mind.