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Sustainable Practices

Sustainable intentions.
While you can rest assured knowing that every single one of our partnered vendors is sustainable, fair wage, and doing their part to minimize waste, there are a few other ways (besides shopping here, of course!) that you can flex your green muscles.

Be Thrifty

And by “thrift,” we don’t mean cutting corners and pinching pennies. Take a gander at your local thrift shop or peruse resale apps for gently loved or totally amazing, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. You’ll be purchasing something that already exists on this earth, and contributing literally zero to the current state of pollution and waste. Not only will the chances of you running into someone else in the same ‘fit be slim to none, but you’ll likely score a major steal for the fraction of the original retail. Not too shabby.

Get Paid

You don’t have to completely Marie Kondo your life away, but making it a habit to check in with your wardrobe and clean out the pieces that aren’t timeless staples or haven’t seen any love in a while is a totally lucrative way to put some spending scrilla back in your pocket. Try reselling at a consignment shop, throwing a yard sale with your friends and making a day out of it, or visit one of those resale apps from the other side. Donating is a tax write-off. Win-win.

Recycle Clothes

More often than not, garments that are no longer wearable or have obvious wear and tear get tossed in the garbage. So why recycle, and how? When clothing ends up in landfills, the dyes and synthetic materials contribute to greenhouse gases and climate change. Reusing the fabric in old clothes means fewer resources, both financially (for you) and environmentally, and makes you look like a politically aware, do-it-all, earth goddess. Which is, very chill of you. Click here for a list of companies that make recycling your damaged clothing, easy.

Don't launder away longevity.
Give your garments the TLC that they deserve. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to make sure your pieces are living their best life.

Wash Cold

Prevent shrinkage, fading, setting stains, and the (literal) meltdown of elasticity in any items that have stretch.

Hang Dry

Save electricity, preserve the integrity of quality as well as super cheap fabrics, and did we mention shrinkage? The dryer is for towels, socks, and sturdy 501’s… and where cotton, rayon, and silk blends go to die.

Dry Clean Selectively

“Dry clean only” typically means the material can’t withstand machine washing. Try your hands at hand-washing. And of course, wait till you absolutely MUST clean the garment, and select an environmentally-aware dry cleaner to avoid harmful chemicals, and skip the plastic cover unless you’re taking your dry cleaning home on your Harley.

Let Your Clothes Live!
In this case, if it's broke, try fixing it.


One size does not fit all. Find a local tailor that gets you, become BFFs, and let them pinch in, let out, or adjust your garment. Making small updates to keep up with the times. Because fashion.

Switch It Up

We are all guilty of holding onto that one item that is either very well-loved or has one too many ruffles, but we aren't ready to say goodbye. No need to fret. Making small adjustments to your garment, and turning it into something new is easier than you think. Try taking off the sleeves to make it strapless, crop your jeans into shorts, the world is your oyster!

What's Your Damage?

Minor repairs can easily be made at home, by you, little skill required. Lost a button? Tore a seam? Danced that strap right off? A small sewing kit should suffice. Snagged your favorite sweater? No problem. Grab a bobby pin, hook it onto the snagged loop, thread the bobby pin back into the sweater, and voila!

Share The Love

Do you need another excuse to have a wine and snacks night with your besties? Do a closet sweep, and create a pile of pieces that maybe haven’t been worn in the past year. Make it a party, and swap temporarily or permanently to see your sweetest babes breathe new life into your old threads.